You would be surprised of all the new ways we are fixing up old cracked or damaged concrete today. It’s amazing what can be done.

The Standard

Mechanically polished concrete is what we do the most of right now. We fill in all the flaws and voids in the older concrete with a cementitious material. Then we polish it from there. You are able to dye the floor, put artwork onto the floor through dyes or sandblasting, and it will have a beautiful polished look. One downside: It will have an industrial look because it will show all the old flaws that were fixed up.

If you want a brand new looking floor, here some of the most popular ways to do it:

Cementitious Overlays

By applying a cementitious material over the entire floor, it will self level and will provide a look of a brand new concrete floor. From there we have some options of what we can do to that overlay:

flat and smooth decorative concrete

The Standard Look – flat and smooth

wood concrete stamp

The Wood Look – textured stamp

tile concrete stamp

The Tile Look – custom tile stamp

filed stone concrete stamp

The Field Stone Look – custom stone stamp

Epoxy Coatings

With any epoxy coating, you need to first fill in any cracks or flaws in the old concrete. Then we can apply an epoxy coating that will self level to become completely smooth. With epoxy we have several options we can use to give you the right look for the environment you’re in.

dispersing metallics decorative concrete

Dispersing Metallics – swirling look

concrete with metallic flakes and sparkles

Metallic flakes and sparkles – reflection look

solid color expoy coated concrete

Solids – virtually any color you can think of

Side note:

Sometimes contractors can use a micro-overlay – be careful! They don’t hold up as well here in Central Iowa with the temperature changes.


With all these options it’s important to note that every situation is different. There are many factors when choosing your concrete coatings like temperature, how it’s used, and what look you want to have. The best thing you can do is consult with a professional to ensure you will pick the appropriate concrete coating or polishing for you!

Thanks for reading.