Before you hire someone to upgrade your concrete floor, you need to ask your potential contractor a few questions to ensure you are making the right choice with who you hire to stain or coat your concrete floors. Here are 8 questions you can ask before you get started with your next project.


1) Are they experienced applicators?


Have they received product training, and do they test all products in their shop before using those products in the field?  Caution!  Some applicators dabble in floor coatings.  You should use a vendor that applies floor coatings every day.


2) Do they test the floor for hydrostatic vapor and moisture?


Concrete is a fairly solid material when dry, but it isn’t impermeable to moisture. Hydrostatic vapor can tell us what state your concrete is in before placing any coatings or stains over it.


3) Do they grind the floor to open the surface cap for better adhesion?


If done properly, this minimizes delamination. Caution! Some applicators will just acid etch the floor.  This only cleans the surface and does not open the concrete cap.


4) Do they fill all expansion/saw joints with Polyurea?


Doing this will help eliminate any ledges where delamination can occur down the road.


5) Do they grind all edges and corners during the floor preparation?


Make sure they are not cutting corners (literally) by not getting every edge of your concrete prepared properly.


6) How do they clean the floor before the coating is applied?


It is important to vacuum and use a walk behind or riding scrubber to ensure the surface is completely prepared before coating.


7) Are they using a coating system?


Using a primer, base then top coat is designed to work together.  Caution!  Some applicators may not use a primer or top coat and rely solely on the base coat.  Most epoxy coating systems require primer/base/top coats. You should also check if they are using a primer, base coat and top coat that is designed by the same manufacturer.  It is not advisable to use multiple manufactures when applying a coating system.


8) Is the product they are suggesting appropriate for your floor?


Good applicators should have several coating systems to best fit your needs and the floor in question. Caution! If they are pushing a particular product without listening to you and your needs first, they may not have the experience you deserve in a concrete stain or coating project.

If you have any further questions that come to mind, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in preparation for your next concrete staining or concrete coating project.

Thanks for reading!

McKinley Schilling
Performance Concrete Polishing