Polycrete concrete coating systems are cementitious urethane coatings ideal for both residential and commercial applications. This concrete overlay system makes concrete floors in poor condition look brand new. They are also extremely durable and versatile. 

How Polycrete Coatings Work

Polycrete coatings are self-leveling systems that are typically spread 3/8-inch thick over existing concrete. However, they can be thicker depending on the condition of the underlying concrete and the use of the space. They are extremely shiny (almost a mirror-like finish) and extremely hard. Polycrete concrete coating systems are also thermal shock resistant, which means they can be steam washed with no risk of fracturing. In short, they are attractive, durable and easy to maintain. 

Polycrete coatings do come in a variety of limited colors. For a more decorative look, aggregate – such as flakes and quartz – can be broadcast into the coating. Full-flake and quartz systems have come a long way in the last year, and the choices are remarkable. The popular terrazzo look can even be imitated with these decorative systems. For commercial and industrial spaces, light aggregate can be added for traction.

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