The “shouse”–or shop house–is rapidly rising in popularity due to its functionality and lower overall cost to build. Like the name implies, shouses are a combination of a shop and a home, so you can be close to your business (or hobby), without having to sacrifice any of the space you need to live or work. Shouses are generally built using the shell of a metal structure that utilizes steel beams instead of traditional wood framing. They can then be built out to suit your specific needs. They are generally quicker and cheaper to build than a traditional home. 

These alternative homes are usually constructed on a concrete slab without a basement or crawl space. Known as slab-on-grade construction, this concrete slab is perfect for polished concrete flooring. 

Polished Concrete Floors or Coated Concrete Floors in Shouses

Mechanically polished concrete floors are ideal for shouses. Since the underlying concrete will be in pristine condition after a new build, polished concrete floors will offer an extremely sleek, shiny, contemporary look in the home and functionality in the shop area. They are low maintenance, durable and resistant to water, stains and dirt. For a more decorative look, stains can be added for color. 

Concrete coatings are also a great choice for shouses. Epoxy coatings are extremely durable and resistant to chipping, abrasions, stains and moisture. They are incredibly easy to clean and come in a variety of colors. 

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