Basements are notoriously moist in Iowa, but luckily, you have flooring options other than carpet and expensive tile. Depending on the look you want and the condition of the underlying concrete, mechanically polished concrete or a decorative coating might be perfect for your basement floors. 

Here are a few ways to transform your boring or impractical basement floors.

Polished Concrete Floors in Basements

Mechanically polished concrete floors are ideal for basements. They are low maintenance, durable and attractive. They are also extremely water resistant, so any standing water or spill can easily be mopped up without any damage to the underlying concrete. On top of this, they are stain and dirt resistant. 

If the underlying concrete is in good condition, these floors offer a sleek, shiny, contemporary look. If the concrete in your basement is in less-than-ideal condition, they can still be mechanically polished. However, the finished product will show “character”, but plenty of homeowners actually prefer this industrial look. 

Decorative Epoxy Floors in Basements

If your basement floors are not in the best condition and you prefer a perfect look, a decorative concrete coating might be your best option. Epoxy concrete coatings can be customized to match the design of your home and result in a high-performance, attractive floor. They cover all flaws, but they are also more expensive due to the materials used and increased prep time. 

Stained and Sealed Concrete Floors in Basements

A concrete stain and seal can be a good compromise between concrete coatings and polished concrete for moderately flawed floors. It involves grinding the concrete and applying a stain and seal over the top. This process covers imperfections slightly better than mechanically polishing the floors. 

In summary, if your floor is perfect, polished concrete is probably your best option. If you are okay with a more industrial look, polished concrete and stain and seal will both work for you. If your floors are flawed and you want them to look perfect, a decorative epoxy coating is the best choice. 

It’s hard to know what you want until you actually see it. Visit our showroom to see samples of mechanically polished and coated concrete floors!