An epoxy coating is one of the toughest and most durable finishes you can add to your concrete floors. However, fully saturating epoxy with binders increases the durability and toughness even more. These epoxy-crete flooring systems are both attractive and highly functional for any high-traffic space. 

Benefits of Epoxy-Crete Flooring Systems

Adding binders to epoxy allows the polymers to link around the binders to create a stronger, more flexible and more durable finish. Some binders — or aggregate — commonly used include quartz, flake and sand. These flooring systems are ideal for industrial applications, residential garages and any other heavily used space. On top of the immense durability, these epoxy-crete systems are also aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.  

While most epoxy-crete systems offered are only about 5mm thick when cured down, the high-build system we use averages about 30mm thick. We also only use industrial-grade epoxy, which will hold up to any solvent or caustic. As you can imagine, our epoxy-crete floors withstand more usage and last much longer than other thin-build systems. 

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