Go Green! You hear it just about everywhere nowadays. Entire industries have been built on creating “green products.” We didn’t have to create a green product to become relevant in this conversation because mechanically polished concrete and terrazzo floors have always been green and are LEED certified as well. Mechanically polished floors have the following green qualities; they’re sustainable, low chemical emissions, and are easy to maintain with green cleaners.


Mechanically Polished Concrete is Sustainable

One of the many reasons that mechanically polished concrete floors are sustainable is that concrete is the basis for most commercial floors and is already present in the building. Part of the sustainability of mechanically polished concrete is that it eliminates the need for other floor coverings that are either not sustainably produced or installed.

Concrete is a strong material that when mechanically polished can last essentially forever. Unlike carpet, wood or tile, it is virtually indestructible and doesn’t have to be replaced every ten years due to wear or damage.

When the floors have finished serving their purpose, it can be torn out and recycled to make new concrete. Concrete flooring can also incorporate recycled materials into them such as crushed glass, marble chips, metal shavings, plastic bits and seashell pieces.


Low Chemical Emissions

Mechanically polished floors have few emissions. This is because of two reasons; concrete is made from natural ingredients and diamonds are used in the polishing process. Concrete is made from crushed stone, sand, cement and water, so it does not contain harmful chemicals. Diamond bits are used to polish the concrete by refining the large scratches into micro scratches until the floor is shining. This process does not involve harsh chemicals to obtain the desired result as manual polishing does, so there are limited emissions from the floor once the mechanical polishing is complete.

Alternatively, when concrete is covered with a sealer or a coating is applied, the concrete will fight the application until it has been separated from the surface of the concrete. This is because concrete needs to breathe do to its nature. This process releases chemicals into the air which can not only negatively affect the environment, but the employees in your building. The same is true of carpet. It is covered in chemicals and continues to release them long after installation. Hardwood floors aren’t as safe either. The finish on wood will eventually deteriorate and will have to be reapplied. The chemicals used in the refinishing process will begin to create emissions as well.


Easy to Maintain with Green Cleaners

Once a concrete or terrazzo floor has been mechanically polished it is very easy to maintain. “Green” soaps and water can easily clean the floor with just a mop. Mechanically polished floors don’t need to be re-polished, manually polished, waxed or sealed again. With easy maintenance, mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floors will help save you some green too!

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