All About Polycrete Concrete Coatings

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Polycrete concrete coating systems are cementitious urethane coatings ideal for both residential and commercial applications. This concrete overlay system makes concrete floors in poor condition look brand new. They are also extremely durable and versatile.  How Polycrete Coatings Work Polycrete coatings are self-leveling systems that are typically spread 3/8-inch thick over existing concrete. However, they

Concrete Coatings in Colder Weather

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The majority of concrete coatings are dependent on temperature, so, as colder weather settles in, it becomes more important to look at particular conditions of your space. If your space is heated and can maintain a certain temperature, the outside temperature has little to no effect on successful application. However, if your space is unheated,

Mechanically Polishing or Coating Distressed Vs. New Concrete Floors

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The high-gloss finish and ease of maintenance have made mechanically polished concrete and coated concrete floors the new VIPs of the flooring world. However, while these floors are beautiful regardless of the situation, the state of the underlying concrete does create different aesthetics. Some existing concrete floors can be heavily flawed, which creates on-trend distressed

8 Questions to ask before you hire someone to stain or coat your concrete floor

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  Before you hire someone to upgrade your concrete floor, you need to ask your potential contractor a few questions to ensure you are making the right choice with who you hire to stain or coat your concrete floors. Here are 8 questions you can ask before you get started with your next project.  

7 surprising ways you can upgrade your old damaged concrete floor

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You would be surprised of all the new ways we are fixing up old cracked or damaged concrete today. It’s amazing what can be done. The Standard Mechanically polished concrete is what we do the most of right now. We fill in all the flaws and voids in the older concrete with a cementitious

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