Polished Concrete Floors in Industrial & Other Commercial Spaces

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Polished concrete is an increasingly popular flooring option for both residential and commercial spaces. While this sustainable and durable flooring option is suitable for a wide variety of applications, industrial, manufacturing and other service spaces are especially prime candidates. Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors in Industrial Spaces Durability. Mechanically polished concrete floors are highly durable.

Polished Concrete Floors in Slab-On-Grade Homes

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Slab-on-grade homes are becoming increasingly more common. Like the name implies, these homes are constructed on a concrete slab, without a basement or crawl space. Slab-on-grade construction is eco-friendly and can offer significant financial savings. Furthermore, the existing concrete slab is perfect for adding a modern flooring aesthetic to the home.  Benefits of Polished Concrete

Concrete Flooring Options for Your Basement

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Basements are notoriously moist in Iowa, but luckily, you have flooring options other than carpet and expensive tile. Depending on the look you want and the condition of the underlying concrete, mechanically polished concrete or a decorative coating might be perfect for your basement floors.  Here are a few ways to transform your boring or

Industrial Floors: Concrete Coatings vs. Polished Concrete

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Polished concrete and industrial concrete coatings are both popular choices for flooring in commercial spaces. However, there are certain things to consider to ensure you get the right flooring system to meet the specific needs of your facility. While both options are suitable for industrial spaces, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of each. Read

New High-Tech Material Protects Polished Concrete Floors from Etching and Staining

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Polished concrete floors are highly durable, sustainable, easy to clean and attractive. However, exposure to certain liquids can still stain and/or etch them. Concrete is porous, and polished concrete is reactive with all types of acid. Because of this, accidental spills can damage the appearance of mechanically polished concrete floors. That is, until now. Protect

Benefits of Mechanically Polished Concrete Floors in Warehouses

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As we talked about in last month’s blog post, mechanically polished concrete floors are trending in a big way. While this sustainable and durable flooring option is suitable for a wide variety of spaces, owners of warehouses are increasingly taking advantage of the many benefits of polished concrete floors. These roughly 5,000 to 20,000-square-foot spaces

The Rise (and Shine) of Mechanically Polished Concrete Floors

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While mechanically polished concrete floors have been around for decades, this sustainable and durable flooring option has seen a massive influx in popularity over the past few years. This enormous growth in demand and usage is partly due to improved grinding techniques, but the unique characteristics of mechanically polished concrete floors continue to make them

Mechanically Polishing or Coating Distressed Vs. New Concrete Floors

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The high-gloss finish and ease of maintenance have made mechanically polished concrete and coated concrete floors the new VIPs of the flooring world. However, while these floors are beautiful regardless of the situation, the state of the underlying concrete does create different aesthetics. Some existing concrete floors can be heavily flawed, which creates on-trend distressed

How to Maintain Your Polished Concrete Floors

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As we have mentioned before and can’t stress enough, one of the main advantages of polished concrete floors is the minimal maintenance required. On top of this, these high-gloss floors are extremely durable, environmentally friendly and able to stand the test of time. Concrete is already a sturdy material, and when polished by specialized grinders, it

Go Green with Mechanically Polished Concrete Floors

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Go Green! You hear it just about everywhere nowadays. Entire industries have been built on creating “green products.” We didn’t have to create a green product to become relevant in this conversation because mechanically polished concrete and terrazzo floors have always been green and are LEED certified as well. Mechanically polished floors have the following

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