All About Full-Flake Concrete Coating Systems

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Full-flake concrete coating systems are becoming increasingly popular for both industrial floors and decorative floors. Like the name implies, a full-flake system — also known as a full-aggregate system — completely covers a concrete floor with polyurethane flakes. This concrete coating option is both durable and attractive. How a Full-Flake Concrete Coating System Is Applied

8 Questions to ask before you hire someone to stain or coat your concrete floor

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  Before you hire someone to upgrade your concrete floor, you need to ask your potential contractor a few questions to ensure you are making the right choice with who you hire to stain or coat your concrete floors. Here are 8 questions you can ask before you get started with your next project.  

The Benefits of Using Polyaspartics

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Here is a project we recently completed at Hamilton’s Funeral Home in Ankeny. It is a three coat polyaspartic system with black, white and green quarter-inch flakes.   Why Polyaspartics?   Polyaspartics are extremely durable and can be applied thicker than standard concrete coatings. They can also cover any blemishes or flaws in a floor

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