Polyaspartic Coatings in Heavy-Use Industrial Spaces

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An industrial polyaspartic system is one of the toughest and most durable finishes you can add to your concrete floors. Fully saturating these systems with binders, such as quartz or polyflakes, increases the durability and toughness even more. This makes these concrete coatings ideal for heavy-use industrial spaces, such as repair facilities for large machinery

Refresh Your Pool Deck With a Polyaspartic Quartz Coating

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It’s officially summer, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you’ve probably been enjoying it during this recent heat wave. If you’re looking to upgrade your pool area to make it even more enjoyable, the Schilling Group is now offering decorative coatings especially for concrete pool decks. These decorative polyaspartic quartz coatings offer

All About Full-Flake Concrete Coating Systems

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Full-flake concrete coating systems are becoming increasingly popular for both industrial floors and decorative floors. Like the name implies, a full-flake system — also known as a full-aggregate system — completely covers a concrete floor with polyurethane flakes. This concrete coating option is both durable and attractive. How a Full-Flake Concrete Coating System Is Applied

8 Questions to ask before you hire someone to stain or coat your concrete floor

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  Before you hire someone to upgrade your concrete floor, you need to ask your potential contractor a few questions to ensure you are making the right choice with who you hire to stain or coat your concrete floors. Here are 8 questions you can ask before you get started with your next project.  

The Benefits of Using Polyaspartics

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Here is a project we recently completed at Hamilton’s Funeral Home in Ankeny. It is a three coat polyaspartic system with black, white and green quarter-inch flakes.   Why Polyaspartics?   Polyaspartics are extremely durable and can be applied thicker than standard concrete coatings. They can also cover any blemishes or flaws in a floor

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