Revitalizing Natural Stone Floors

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Have your natural stone floors lost their original, high-gloss shine? Unfortunately, stone floors can dull over time, especially when treated with wax. However, the Schilling Group can revitalize and renew the appearance of marble, travertine and granite floors.  Renewing Natural Stone Flooring Many older natural stone floors were treated with wax. Unfortunately, natural stone flooring

Building a Shouse? Think Polished Concrete!

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The “shouse”–or shop house–is rapidly rising in popularity due to its functionality and lower overall cost to build. Like the name implies, shouses are a combination of a shop and a home, so you can be close to your business (or hobby), without having to sacrifice any of the space you need to live or

Refresh Your Pool Deck With a Polyaspartic Quartz Coating

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It’s officially summer, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you’ve probably been enjoying it during this recent heat wave. If you’re looking to upgrade your pool area to make it even more enjoyable, the Schilling Group is now offering decorative coatings especially for concrete pool decks. These decorative polyaspartic quartz coatings offer

It’s a Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Basement Floors

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Basements are notoriously prone to water in Iowa. However, as we head into these colder months, it presents the perfect opportunity to update your basement floors. If your basement is damp at all, there are flooring options other than impractical carpet and expensive tile. Depending on the look you want and the condition of the

Upgrade Your Garage Floor While You Still Can

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If you have considered a coating on your garage floor, there are still three months left of warm weather to complete that project. Beyond that time, you may have to wait until next spring, and your bare concrete floor will not be protected against the corrosive effects of winter. The deicing salt and fluids that

Damp Basement? Choose Polished Concrete Floors!

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Winter is here in Iowa, and with snow, eventually comes melting snow. This can lead to wet conditions in many basements whenever there is a quick temperature change. Luckily, there are flooring options for areas prone to water other than impractical carpet and expensive tile. Depending on the look you want and the condition of

Polished/Coated Concrete Vs. Traditional Flooring

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There seems to be a misconception about the price of polished concrete and coated concrete floors in comparison to more traditional flooring options. Many people overlook polished/coated concrete floors for residential purposes, because they simply assume the price of these durable, low-maintenance floors will be too high. However, this is absolutely not the case. Polished

Alternatives for Old and New Patios

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending a lot more time outside on your patio. The number of phone calls we’ve recently received about upgrading concrete patios also indicates this. Luckily, we can help revitalize older concrete patios, refinish stamped concrete patios and protect brand new concrete patios. Read on to learn about some

COVID-19 Update: We’re Still Working!

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If you were hoping to upgrade your garage or basement with polished concrete or coated concrete floors this spring or summer, please know that we are still working. We are taking every precaution possible and following all official guidelines to ensure our safety and yours. Here are a few things we are doing. COVID-19 Precautions

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