The high-gloss finish and ease of maintenance have made mechanically polished concrete and coated concrete floors the new VIPs of the flooring world. However, while these floors are beautiful regardless of the situation, the state of the underlying concrete does create different aesthetics. Some existing concrete floors can be heavily flawed, which creates on-trend distressed floors, while brand new concrete leads to a nearly flawless finish. Luckily, we can help create the look you desire.

Brand New Concrete Floors

If you are building a new home and interested in polishing or coating your concrete floors, there are a few things to take into consideration before pouring the concrete — if you are going for that flawless finish. These include:

  • A flat floor, with no roll to it. The concrete should not have “waves”, as these waves are only accentuated by mechanically polishing the concrete.
  • A smooth finish. The concrete should be power troweled, avoiding trowel chatter (trowel marks). They should also have a cream, or smooth, finish, without any sand or aggregate showing through.
  • Small expansion joints. Small expansion joints of 1/8th of an inch wide lead to better looking floors


Distressed Concrete Floors

Distressed concrete can lead to incredibly beautiful mechanically polished floors. It is currently in style to let existing floors show their character. Simply polishing these distressed floors creates a completely unique look. However, if the floors are too distressed or if you want a “newer” aesthetic, there are also things we can do. These include:

  • Patching materials. A patching material is skim coated across the floor to fill in voids. The floor is then mechanically polished or ground to prepare for coatings. If you choose to mechanically polish the concrete after the skim coating, the floor will still have the distressed appearance, but it will be smooth.
  • Cementitious overlay. If you want your distressed concrete floors to appear brand new, this is the option for you. A self-leveling cementitious overlay is put on top of the existing floor. This creates a nearly flawless finished floor.

No matter what type of look you are aiming for, coated and mechanically polished concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean. Contact us and let our experts help decide what type of concrete floor is right for you.