Have your natural stone floors lost their original, high-gloss shine? Unfortunately, stone floors can dull over time, especially when treated with wax. However, the Schilling Group can revitalize and renew the appearance of marble, travertine and granite floors. 

Renewing Natural Stone Flooring

Many older natural stone floors were treated with wax. Unfortunately, natural stone flooring is not meant for wax. Since wax is soft, it dulls over time and attracts dirt and grime. This creates a cloudy, yellow-ish film over the stone that inevitably affects its color and shine. This is most obvious on white or lighter-colored stones.

Luckily, this can be fixed, and we can renew the appearance of natural stone floors. This is done by: 

  • Evaluating and cleaning the floors. We strip the wax, and the floors are cleaned and neutralized. 
  • Mechanically polishing. In some cases, the natural stone is mechanically polished to renew that high-gloss shine. 
  • Applying a sealer. A micro-penetrating sealer is applied to prevent further damage. This is not a coating and will not be seen. 
  • Applying a color enhancer. A color enhancer can be used to penetrate the surface of the stone and bring the original color back.  

If your natural stone floors are dull and yellowing, contact the Schilling Group. We’ll take a look and return them to their original appearance!