A successful concrete coating application ultimately comes down to how well the underlying concrete is prepared before the application. It is a critical step in ensuring the coating lasts as long as possible and looks as good as possible. The concrete surface profile is a key part of this preparation and is often the longest, most intensive step in the coating process. But, what exactly is concrete profiling? 

About Concrete Profiling

A concrete surface profile pertains to the surface texture of a concrete floor. It’s an efficient way to measure just how effectively the floor has been prepared for a concrete coating. Getting the right surface profile is extremely important. It needs to be rough enough for the coating to adhere and set properly, but not so rough that it affects the texture of the finished coating. Inadequate preparation can cause the coating to wear faster and/or peel at the edges. 

Concrete Surface Profile Standards

There is an industry standard for concrete surface profiles. The ratings use a scale from one to 10, with a higher number correlating to a rougher surface. Thicker coatings generally need a higher concrete surface profile, and some of the higher ratings also involve concrete repair work. Ratings one through five are the most common, and most residential projects fall into this category. 

Concrete Preparation Steps

At the Schilling Group, we take our preparation work seriously. We make sure the foundation is set for a successful coating application that lasts virtually forever with proper maintenance. We clean up all residue or existing coatings on the concrete, fill the expansion joints, and grind the edges evenly with the rest of the concrete. We make sure there are no delamination areas. Because concrete profiling is so important, we never cut any corners on this prep work. 

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