Winter can be harsh, and protecting your garage floor is admittedly probably not the first thing you think about as the snow continues to fall. However, the deicing salt and fluids that become attached to the bottom of your car and subsequently deposited on your concrete floor can rapidly cause stains, pitting and delamination. Luckily, polycrete concrete coatings can repair and protect your garage floor from this damage. 

Is Your Garage Floor Already Damaged?

If your garage floor is already damaged, polycrete systems can turn your floor into a durable, attractive and easy-to-clean space. The underlying damage will be repaired first, and the concrete coating system will be placed on top. The finished product will easily stand up to any salty road slush or other deicing materials. It is also extremely easy to clean up these winter byproducts from coated floors. 

Is Your Garage Floor New?

If your garage floor is on the newer side, a polycrete concrete coating system will prevent this deterioration and damage from ever happening. You will never have to deal with repairing the underlying concrete from spalling and pitting caused by deicing materials. Plus, these systems are extremely durable, attractive and easy to clean. 

Whether your garage is pitted, new or you’re just sick of dealing with winter sludge on bare concrete, contact us today! We’ll happily give you a free quote.